Logistics to Odesa during the war

Olena Perova:

If I can, I want to say Oksana that I admire your courage. And thank you so much for the possibility and opportunity to be not alone in this office stage. 

Oxsana Chorna:
I completely agree with Olena. I think somewhere that you provide something important for Ukraine, first of all help and also you share information around the world. It's really important that the people around the world know about addiction in Ukraine. That's why thank you for your work. And it's really important that you do this.

Samuel P N Cook:
Well, thank you and both of you are doing way more. You know, we all feel like we could do more. And I just appreciate what both of you are doing inside the country. I wish I was there. We hope to get back soon. My fiance and I are looking forward to coming back. And we'll be there. As soon as we can make it I just got a few things to take care of in America in the next few months with family stuff but we'll be back.

Thank you, both of you. And thank you everyone. If you want to donate and help a lineup please do. We'll share the details. And Oxsana, keep donating to the Ukrainian army. They're having a really good time with all of the supplies we're sending. And I'll be speaking to all my contacts to push for more supplies. And I hope to see you make great use of all the switchblades and javelins and singers and tanks. Everything we're sending out there.

Thank you.

Samuel P N Cook:
Thank you Oksana. Thank you, Olena. And thank you everyone for joining.

Full interview https://borderlands.com.ua/podcast/stand-with-Ukraine

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