Interesting little stories in anatomy (Ⅱ)

There are many interesting stories in anatomical vocabulary.

Except that the name of the achilles tendon mentioned last time is taken from the famous Greek mythological god of war Achilles. 

In human anatomy, there are 206 human bones of a normal adult, including skull, trunk and limb bones. The cervical spine has 7 bones, the thoracic spine has 12 bones, the lumbar spine has 5 bones, and the human body has 24 ribs.

And the first cervical vertebra, also known as atlas, also comes from Greek mythology. Atlas was punished by Zeus for holding round planets in his arms for life, and our first cervical vertebrae held our heads like Atlas. So our first cervical vertebra is also called atlas.  

Hercules Atlas and the human atlas
Hercules Atlas and the human atlas
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