Head and Neck Plastinated Slices Specimen

Plastinated slices_head and neck for medical education, plastinated slices above 50 yrs lifetime, lifelong service, nontoxic. Plastinated slices _ head and neck shows: frontal sinus, superior nasal concha, superior nasal meatus, concha nasalis media, middle nasal meatus, nasal vestibule, inferior nasal concha, inferior nasal meatus, hard palate, tongue, mandible, larynx, arcus cartilaginis cricoideae, trachea, sphenoethmoidal recess, tubal torus, pharyngeal opening of auditory tube, pharyngeal recess, nasopharynx, uvula, palatine tonsil, oropharynx, epiglottis, laryngopharynx, lamina of cricoid cartilage, esophagus. More details about slices plastinated sale and buy plastinated slices, contact Meiwo!

Head and Neck Plastinated Slices Specimen

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