​What life has taught

I choose a motorcycle over a car, also because I can service it. I understand him. It is simple for me. I am independent of car service workers who can deceive me, because I do not rummage in cars like they do.
I don't want to live in the city, I want a house. I need my territory, land, to work on it. When I'm relaxed in the apartment, I'm not normal.
The elders, no matter how much they beat anyone, did not become happier. Aggression did not solve their problems. Now any evil for me is weakness, behind it is inferiority, uncertainty, unhappiness.
I don’t know how to continue, but so far I have been much kinder and more tolerant of people.
I have no illusions that anyone will change. I'm not used to showing emotions. To survive, one had to think.
I watch with a cool head. I do not suffer for my mother, I understand that this is her choice. As a choice of each person to live this or that life. I am deprived of many empty experiences and illusions that my acquaintances are subject to.
In the bator, every man for himself. No one is for you, if not you. I enjoy that healthy egoism that was formed there. I listen to myself, what I want from life, and I'm fine.
For example, now I do not have a relationship, because I clearly calculate what this will give me. What will I get from them? What will be more: minuses or pluses? And if I have even a little doubt, I always choose myself and my development.
Boarding experience may not be necessary. But don't be afraid of those who have it
It can be recycled to your advantage. Behind anger and revenge - constructive. Behind uncertainty is clarity and strength. Well, especially clarity can be achieved by writing a written work.Moreover, if write my paper for me by experts from Bidforwriting, then it can turn out even better. It helps a lot in achieving clarity.
In Bator, like many others, I smoked, drank from the age of 11. I have not done this for a long time. The altered reality makes little sense. It changes only for you, but not around, and for a short time, and then it catches up anyway.
I wanted to try mead recently for general development, but I scored something, and I'm fine.

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