Most Famous Casino Movies In History

<font><font>Casino movies are some of the most exciting films to watch. There have been so many in history, and here are the best of them.</font></font>

There’s no denying that casinos are extremely fun and exciting facilities to visit, so much so that films have been made to showcase its popularity. From the famous James Bond movies to Steven Soderbergh, there are simply a ton of options to choose from for players to watch.

Even if you’re not a casino player, you can still find enjoyment out of these films as they are made to satisfy all types of viewers from any walks of life. Some of these films teach a valuable lesson when it comes to casinos, others are simply there to make you feel excited from the wild plots and crazy characters. 

The increasing popularity of live casino games have brought even more interest among filmmakers to work on different movies surrounding the premise of these gaming facilities. To celebrate said success, below are the absolute most famous casino movies in the history of film that nobody will ever refute when mentioned. 

Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

Although it’s a movie that seems to spoil any wishful thinking of stealing anything from a casino, Steven Soderbergh’s classic film still charms the hearts of many. The film revolves around the main protagonist, Danny Ocean (George Clooney), and his entourage of friends from different walks of life who are in the midst of successfully achieving one of the biggest heists in the history of Las Vegas. 

The beauty about Ocean’s Eleven is not about the exciting casino games that would also make for a good movie, but instead focuses on its security. The film never fails to mention how impossible it is to break into a casino facility. The bewildered look of Danny’s friends left viewers appalled at the security system of the main casino the team is trying to steal from, The Bellagio. 

Ocean’s Eleven is the perfect timepiece for those who want to have a tour inside the systems of Las Vegas Casinos. Although it’s still a work of fiction, there are some shreds of truth to the tale wherein casinos do take their security measures seriously. The safety system the film demonstrates is equivalent to real land-based casinos today in terms of exaggeration. 

More accurately, it’s no exaggeration at all when re-watching the movie again as casinos do in fact have just as sophisticated of a security system the film portrayed. 

Casino Royale (2006)

There have been so many James Bond actors who portrayed Ian Fleming’s classic character throughout time. In 2006, a new player in the scene was given a chance to be Britain’s 007, and Daniel Craig happens to be around to suit up for a Casino-themed Bond movie. 

Later released in November of 2006, Casino Royale is an action-crime drama that stars James Bond and Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen) in a thrilling two-and-a-half hour special of arguably the best Bond movie yet. 

When Ocean’s Eleven made a heist movie out of the casino-themed premise, Casino Royale focused on high-stakes Poker where every scene where players played said game went down to the wire. 

Viewers were left biting their nails after Bond and Le Chieffe went back and forth on the poker table, and it exemplifies the excitement felt in typical poker rounds. Casino Royale is not only a classic movie in its own right, but is also one of the top echelon of casino movies out of a couple dozen released in history. 

21 (2008)

A group of talented MIT students hopping into this secret weekend getaway at Vegas to count cards and make a few bucks while they’re at it is exactly the premise of this brilliant film called 21. 

Starring Kevin Spacey and Jim Sturgess, 21 is a tale of a genius who went to become one of Vegas’ top wanted people overnight after embarking on a series of card counting shenanigans to fund his Harvard Medical school. 

21’s story is gripping, thrilling, and mind-boggling as the filmmakers for this movie are trying to unlock the many holes of blackjack through great characterization and script. While this movie is certainly the latest in terms of release date, it’s already highly regarded as a classic among both film and casino enthusiasts. 

Rain Man (1988)

When Charlie Babbitt (Tom Cruise) learned of his father’s passing, he went back to his hometown, Cincinnati, and discovered that he has an autistic older brother named Raymond (Dustin Hoffman). 

As he showed a few tricks with a deck of playing cards, he quickly seized the opportunity to go to blackjack tables in Vegas and counted cards to win jackpots after jackpots. Known for its wits and clever writing, Rain Man became an instant hit in the late 80s and continues to inspire avid film students to recreate the perfect formula for casino movies. 

What’s even more incredible is that the movie made so many people believe that counting cards is illegal. While casinos do frown upon such a strategy, counting cards is possible to do. However, just like how the movie unfolded, it is quite ill-advised to do so especially when caught by the casinos themselves. 

Molly’s Game 

Aaron Sorkin has always produced great films regardless of the time period it’s in. In the 90s, he directed A Few Good Men that won a few awards in and of itself. Recently, Molly’s Game became one of his standout films that focuses on the Poker Princess herself, Molly Bloom, and the realistic telling of her life and how she became one of Poker’s greatest minds. 

The film is all about the high-stakes games poker literally brings to the table, and it is as gripping and emotional as any drama you’ll ever see elsewhere. If you are already a fan of poker or any casino game, this will even ignite your passion for it even further as you watch the rise and fall of a once incredible poker player who reached stardom. 

As you can see, these films have left such a great impression on the film industry. Not only that, but it also brought so much contribution to how people perceive casinos. If you love watching films and playing live casino games (, these are the first movies you need to watch at any given time.



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