The International Program Office

The International Program Office will help students find an appropriate "home away from home."
Live with a host family and experience American culture first hand.
Rent an apartment in the safe, quiet neighborhood surrounding the campus.
Share an apartment with another student.
Participate in International Club activities and make new friends.
Applying for Admission
By calling, writing, or sending an Email message you can get all the materials you need to apply as an international student. A full admissions application should include:
Application form
Application fee of $30
Proof of high school graduation or university/college attendance/graduation 

There is nothing wrong with this per se: Those who reach the legal drinking age and enjoy their libations responsibly may find that a drink here and there is a fun way to unwind and to celebrate the early days of adulthood. Drinking in excess, however, is where many college alcohol experiences lead—and the ramifications can be far more hazardous than many might imagine. More than 690,000 students have been violently assaulted by their classmates who have overdone it with the drinking. If you’re a graduating senior and future college freshman, you have three short months to “take care of business”. It won’t be long before you leave home for college and set foot on the campus of your college choice. But before you do, here are some tips to help you make the most of your summer before college.

There will be so much to do your first few weeks of college: getting settled in to your dorm, making new friends, and attending new classes. Having a leg up on the reading assignments can keep your from feeling so overwhelmed.

Meanwhile, 97,000 students between 18 and 24 are victimized by alcohol-induced sexual assault or date rape each year, a number that is mind-boggling and profoundly sad.

Financial Guarantee from a parent or sponsor promising to support you, together with bank documents showing the availability of US$15,000 for admission to the Intensive ESL program and US$16,500 for admission to the do my research paper for me Academic Program for the first academic year
If you plan to begin your studies in college classes, you must show a TOEFL score of 500 (or 173 on the computerized test)
Pierce College is on the quarter system and classes start in September, January, March and June. New student

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s may be admitted at the start of any quarter.

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