The Cheapest and Best V.P.N Which is Still Working in China

Although our country ’s government has been busy dealing with the coronavirus recently, they have never relaxed their vigilance about VPNs, and even the walls are getting higher and higher. Now all domestic websites are afraid of breaking the law. They do everything they can to delete posts and accounts.

However, there are ways to go to Chinese websites, such as shadowrocket introduced today.

Briefly Introduce the Advantages of This V.P.N

After the shadowrocket client starts, it will open a proxy locally, which can be understood as a data entry and exit. A user's request to access a website outside the wall through shadowrocket must go through this local proxy. There are hundreds of servers encrypted transmission in various countries, users can freely choose the fastest server to link, and you can watch YOUKU/AIQIYI/TENGXUN/BILIBILI in seconds, which not only guarantees security, but also does not set up too complicate.

If you sign up for an account, you can use it on all devices including Apple IOS, Android, WINDOWS PC, and MAC OS through this account. It is really for the user's using experience. Users do not need to receive restrictions from clients or repeatedly pay for different clients of the same software, which also saves a lot of money.

I Don't Want to Listen to the Principle, I Just Want to Jump Over the Wall Immediately
If you have Ali Pay, Escrow or WeChat account, just click on the registration link. Firstly, register for free, then click on the “Billing”-”Buy” on the left sidebar, you will see four different levels of packages. The cheapest general service rents 20 rmb per month for 50G per month, and you will see the introduction of each service below.

The speed of the cheapest serivce is a litter bit less slowly than other professional and corporate services, and quiet different in Data Flow. It is recommended that you buy the cheapest service at first. After the purchase is complete, there is a “FAQ” at the top of the page. Download the corresponding app according to your device, and then install it according to the graphic tutorials provided by the website. The whole process is only about 15 minutes.

Of course, companies recommend to buy the enterprise version. As we all know, foreign trade companies located in China need to communicate with companies abroad through this kind of software. Without this kind of app, it is no different from cutting off hands. This app is undoubtedly the most economical choice. 

Finally, users need to be reminded that it is not possible to use this APP for political purpose and leaving a way for honest business, otherwise everyone will have no way to use it.

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