Book Marketing: Launch Strategy

Here is the launching strategy for your book marketing by the book trailer services team.

Make the team to help you launch your book.

The most effective way to get your book noticed is through reviews. I try to put together a team of at least 120 people to help with social media promotion for my books and e-books.

Set Goals.

It's better to set goals and fall short than not to set goals and fall short. My goals for my latest thriller were to make it to the top of at least one Kindle category. I also wanted to increase the size of my mailing list by three times.

Target Your Reader.

If you're writing a romance novel, you're probably spending more time reading Danielle Steel and Marie Force than Clive Cussler. When you start advertising, you'll notice that some work out and others don't. Make a list of "comparables" and market to them.

Make use of your author's website to expand your mailing list.

To entice readers to subscribe, many authors still offer a freebie or reader magnet. Another effective way to expand your readership is to exchange newsletters with other authors.

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