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This essay, provided by a case brief writing service report, analyses the film “Kramer vs Kramer”. It refers to the classics of the world cinematography. It covers a range of the most significant aspects of people’s life such as family, marriage and divorce, relationships between children and parents, lifestyle, gender roles, etc. This film is the story of the divorce of Ted Kramer whose main life priority is his work. It is the reason why he almost does not pay any attention to his family: his wife Joanna and little son Billy. Joanna does not have any other activities besides staying at home and caring after her child. That is why she feels lonesome, and her home becomes her prison. Finally, she becomes desperate and decides to change her life and find herself. She divorces Ted and leaves him their son Billy. Much time passes before Ted and Billy manage to establish good relations, and Ted learns to cope with the daily problems which earlier were in Joanna’s competence.

A year passes, and Joanna returns with the intention to take Billy away from Ted. However, Ted does not want to let her do this; they apply to the court. Although the court decides that Billy should stay with the mother, Joanna sees that Ted has significantly changed and it would be better for Billy to stay with his father. Thus, Billy and Ted stay together. As it can be seen from the abovementioned film’s brief description, one of the main aspects it represents is gender. In accordance with the definition of the term ‘gender’, this concept is very close to ‘sex’. However, while sex refers to biological difference between males and females, gender refers to social roles of women and men. As we can see in the film “Kramer vs Kramer”, initially, in the family of Kramers, gender roles were shared strictly in accordance with the traditional family model. Joanna’s duties were housekeeping and child caring. She did not work and was not a source of family’s financial income.

On the contrary, Ted played strictly masculine social role. He worked hard, and his main function was obtaining money for his family’s needs. What was happening in his family and home did not interest him very much. He believed that it was Joanna’s duty to maintain home and resolve domestic problems. However, the things changed. After the divorce, Ted finds himself in the situation when he must combine both feminine and masculine roles as he becomes the only housekeeper and child carer. He finds it difficult to cope with this task as he has never faced the necessity to deal with feminine duties. He even has to give up his work which has always been the key element of his life and change it for the worse one which does not take so much time and efforts. Finally, Ted learns how to cope with feminine duties. Speaking about Joanna, it should be mentioned that her gender role also considerably changes.

Joanna understands that she has the right to do something more than staying at home and resolving domestic problems. She also can be free and dedicate herself to self-development, her own interests, and working. Joanna suddenly discovers that the life is full of colours and activities which were unavailable to her earlier. She realises that women also may be equal with men, and they are really able to be free and live actively out of their home prisons similarly to men. It can be stated that Joanna starts to live in accordance with the basic feminist values.

The film also raises the range of issues related to social values. According to the commonly used definition, “Societal values are the assumptions, beliefs or principles that guide people’s decision-making and actions in society. A set of consistent values form a ‘value system’, or ethical framework”. Thus, such values as family, parental love, children, and self-sacrifice for the beloved ones are discussed. Joanna is represented as a betrayer of the social values, because as it is accepted in the society, the most valuable thing for a woman is her child, and she does not have any moral right to leave a child whatever happens. Joanna leaves her son and barters him away for self-development and career. According to the social values, she has ignored her most significant value. However, she recovers her honour and nobleness when after the court’s decision, she does not take Billy away from Ted although she dreams about reunion with her son.

She sees that her ex-husband has changed and Billy loves him very much and does not want to separate from him. Thus, Joanna ignores her own desires and decides not to destroy that little world created by Ted with too hard efforts although it hurts her very much. She acts like a mother who really loves her child: she chooses the happiness of her son instead of her own happiness. Speaking about Ted, it can be stated that he really lives in accordance with the social values. Because of his child and parental love, he leaves his work which was the main part of his life. He changes his lifestyle and himself in order to provide his son with love and care which Billy needs after his mother’s leave. Ted does not give up despite numerous problems and obstacles what makes a viewer sympathise Ted and feel compassion to him.

Therefore, the film “Kramer vs Kramer” is a great work which teaches us what are the real human values and how love and patience may overcome all the difficulties and obtain happiness.

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