Baltic Legal - Your corporate law office in Latvia

<font><font></font></font>Baltic Legal specializes in corporate law, tax law, company formation and registration, as well as accounting services in all three Baltic countries - Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. If you are going to start a business in the Baltic States, our team of professionals will provide you with full support and advice in choosing a type of company, setting up and registering a company, solving tax issues and promoting your business in Latvia. Lithuania or Estonia.

Since countries have different systems of cultural, legal and business administration, without local knowledge and experience, setting up a company and registering it in another country can be a problem. Our assistance guarantees accurate and timely implementation of all necessary measures to facilitate your activities in the Baltic States. In addition, in many cases we can offer our clients comprehensive advice on non-commercial issues.

What can we do for you:
we will help to solve complex issues and promptly provide high-quality legal, accounting and business management services;
we will provide high-quality service and take off most of the load from your shoulders;
We will provide high-quality professional services for company registration and an individual approach to your needs, as well as loyalty, confidentiality and fast service;
our clients need only one partner to establish and maintain a company in the Baltic region, which greatly facilitates communication, cooperation and optimizes overall costs;
Baltic Legal is committed to long-term cooperation with its clients, which is why we maintain our legal services at a very reasonable level. Our price for the registration of a limited liability company in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia starts from 200 euros. 


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