As a part of an academic community, it is important that you show the reader where you have used someone else’s ideas or words. When you reference correctly, you are demonstrating: That you have read widely on a topic
Essay代写中,向读者展示您在哪里使用他人的想法或文字非常重要。 当你正确地引用时,就表示你已经广泛阅读了一个主题。

Gives credit to authors whose works you have used (whether you quote them or not);
Provides a trail by which others can locate the materials you consulted;
Provides evidence of your research, and accurately citing materials is one strategy to help you avoid plagiarizing.

Likewise, by correctly referencing, you allow the marker or reader to follow-up your references to check the validity of your arguments for themselves. This is an Important part of the academic process as it leads to student accountability.

同样,通过正确引用,您可以让标记或读者跟踪您的引用来检查自己论点的有效性。 这是学术过程中重要的部分,因为它可以导致学生问责。

Failure to correctly reference may make the reader think that you are cheating by claiming someone else’s work as your own. In the academic environment, we call this plagiarism, and it is considered a breach of academic integrity. Please remember that plagiarism is not just when you directly copy words from another's work, plagiarism also occurs when you re-word someone else's ideas in your own words and do not give credit to the original source.
如果没有正确引用,读者可能会认为自己是在欺骗别人的作品。 在学术环境中,我们称之为抄袭,它被认为是违反学术诚信。 请记住,抄袭不仅仅是当你直接抄袭别人的作品时,抄袭也会发生在你用自己的语言重新说出别人的想法时,也不会对原始来源进行评价。

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