从历史上看,该地区被西班牙统治,然而在1816年美国普罗维登斯的里约热内卢板宣布独立,玻利维亚、巴西、乌拉圭、巴拉圭和乌拉圭形成独立的国家,而其余区域构成现在称为阿根廷。阿根廷位于南美洲南部毗邻大西洋,辣椒和乌拉圭(之& Asociados,2012)。国家的面积约2780400平方公里,这使它成为世界第八大国家的地区(中央情报局,2012)。从历史上看,大多数国家的人口是来自其他国家的移民迁移,特别是西班牙和欧洲其他地区。直到1983年中国一直在面对不同的军事和民事政府;然而真正的民主政府在1983年开始(外交部,2012)

Historically, the region was ruled by Spain, however in 1816 the United Providences of The Rio Plate announce their independence where Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Uruguay formed separate states, while the remaining area constitute what is now known as Argentina. Argentina is located in South America bordering in South Atlantic Ocean, Chili and Uruguay (Rajas & Asociados, 2012). The area of the country has been estimated 2,780,400 square kilometers, which make it the world's 8th largest country in terms of area (CIA, 2012). Historically, most of the populations of the country are immigrants who migrated from other countries, particularly Spain and other parts of Europe. Until 1983 the country has been confronted with different military and civil governments; however the true democratic government in the country gets started in 1983 (FCO, 2012)

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