Australian paper writing: market segmentation strategy

The market segmentation strategy that the organization will follow that comprises of primary target market and secondary target market will enable the organization to better focus on the two major market segments that the organization wishes to target that will enable Boots to accomplish the marketing objectives that has been elaborated above (High Beam Research, 2005). In addition the segmentation approach that the firm will use will enable the firm to create enthusiasm in both the primary and secondary target market as the primary target market will use the product as it will enable them to look trendy and more fashionable as well as taking care of their skin as the ingredients that Boots utilized for the manufacturing of No.7 brand is that not only enable them to fulfill their fashion needs but also take care of their skin due to the original natural contents of the product (Boots Review of Operation, 2011).Essay代写 In addition the secondary target market who wishes to appear younger than their current age will use the product that will not only enable them to appear younger than their existing age but will also enable them to extend their beauty for extended period of time due to the natural ingredients of the product

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