Accounting Assignment代写 现金流表

它使用投资回收期,净现值,内部收益率的主要技术评估项目。现金流表显示它包后7年,所以它可以使用这些图来计算投资回收期:PBP = 7 +(| -1321 | 1060-300-250)/ -1321 = 7.77年。这表明将在7.77年收回成本。
NPV是净现值这意味着所有相关的现金流的现值。(Brealey和迈尔斯,1991)。这似乎是最好的方法来分析公司。Ci =现金流,t =时间,r =利率,它设置了WACC = 5.64%的折现率和使用以前的数据和公式来计算净现值的现金流。
所以净现值= 104.11的结果
总之,这个项目附加值是104.11磅。NPV是积极和NPV > 0,所以项目可以接受。这个NPV方法是有用的,因为它直接测量的磅对投资者的贡献。然而,项目的大小不是以NPV方法,因此这个项目很好地接受是否应该重视通过其他方法之前最终决定(韦斯顿和布里格姆,1981)。


From the cash flows table, we can see that Klopp Stars is payback in year 8,there is cash inflows began in year 3, it shows that project is a conventional projects.

It uses Payback Period, NPV,IRR of those main techniques for appraisal of project. The cash flows table shows that it packs back after year 7,so that it can use those figure to calculate the Payback period: PBP=7+(|-1060-300-250 |-1321)/373=7.77 yrs. It shows that the costs will be recouped in the 7.77 years.

NPV is Net present value which means the present value of all relevant cash flows. (Brealey and Myers, 1991). It seems like the best method to analysis the company. As Ci=cash flow,t=time,r=interest rate,it set the WACC=5.64% as the discount rate and use the previous cash flows data and formula to calculate NPV.

So the result of NPV=104.11
In all, this project added value is 104.11m pounds.NPV is positive and NPV>0,so the project can be accepted. This NPV method is useful because it has a direct measure of the pounds contribution to the investors. However, the project size is not measured in the NPV method and thus whether the project is fairly well for accepting should be valued by other methods before final decisions (Weston and Brigham, 1981).

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