The gameplay and the probable usp

USP1- A game to know what the world happened at the beginning of 2020 for the future generations.

USP2- A game to give something educational to the public and the children(the principle of the spread of virus and the fire and how to prevent the virus and fire).

The menu will show "start game" and "introduction".

"Introduction" will illustrate the influences that the Australian fire and COVID-19 have had on the world and in this game, you will learn the principle how the virus and fire spread. Also, you will have the chance to save the animals and stop the fire origin, and the behaviour people have to do to prevent the virus(For example, stay in a 2-metre distance and wear mask).

Press "start game", you will born outside the Australian forest with the time limit of 2mins(before the fire, complete and full of vatality.

The player needs to find the origin of the fire in the forest and pull out it to save the animals, but the player will fail to find for the first time to know the real situation of the Australian forest after the fire and the principle of the fire spread. Moreover, the player needs to try again and this time, some clues will be given to find the fire. 

Then, the player will succeed to enter the next stage—— the COVID-19 part.

In this part, the player will know the number of the infected people and deaths all over the world due to COVID-19. There will be many active cells in the scene and the COVID-19 virus will begin to infect these cells until all the cells get infected(from white【healthy】to red【infected】). One cell should keep a safe distance to be not infected by an ill one, so the player should stop the spread by keeping all the cells in a safe distance with each other, and give the mask to the potential infected cell. If the player cannot follow the speed of change, he will fail.

When the player passes both two parts, the text about how to prevent the forest fire and the virus will jump out(For example, protect the environment and ourselves to prevent the virus【immediate educational significance】)

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