The answer to those questions


What is your main focus/concept/direction?

To make a Unity game!

What motivates and inspires you to carry out this research?

A popular topic about "Restart 2020" in the social media in China. There were too many big events happened in the year 2020 and many people wanted to restart 2020. 

What are your ambitions - what do you want the project to do? Why?

This inspired me to record and do something educational for the public and the future generations as a lesson.


What are your influences & inspirations? (Specifically, list a few projects, papers, theories)

Australian Bush Fires in 2020 & COVID-19 (Two big events)

What are the main issues and debates in this subject area?

The huge impact they have had on the world.

Which are the three most important papers that relate to your topic?

BBC、CNN、RT(reports from them.)

What is the relevance of your work to other researchers?

Based on them and do something interesting to echo.

What is the relevance (if any) of your work to practitioners?

Reference value and educational significance.

Critique & Reflection
Summarise the key findings from your literature research so far.
Which of these findings are the most interesting to you? Why?
Which do you most disagree with? Why?


Which are the best three examples you have found (that you didn't know before) of work related to what you want to do?


Which are the worst three?


How have you approached this project? 
Use Unity and Maya software.
Do you have any design/research principles, guidelines, rules, etc. in place? 
Yes, the models.
What considerations (targets, practical aspects, ethics, how would people engage with your project etc.) do you need to take into account?
The unique selling point of the game.
What constraints are there on you/the project (if any)?

Maybe the time and code part.

How will you evaluate your work?


What is your plan for implementing your project (design and/or research)?

Do the research and design to make the scene and models by Maya.

What alternatives have you considered (if any)? What are their strengths/weaknesses? 

Photoshop and Unity. They can help me to do the project better. As to the weaknesses, it will be a lot of work.

Working from your methodology, (how) might things change? Why?  


What needs to be done next? 

Make a complete game in Unity and test the bug.

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